About Us

Our Vision
Nanjil Career Academy has a vision to nourish the talent and aptitude in you and to make you an eternal winner.

Our Mission
We train you to enrich your life by building your career with great professionalism, sheer intellect and infinite dignity. Our aim is to provide you all the aids and inputs for enlightening your mental abilities. Our quest is to impart most qualitative education by way of a systematic, methodological and scientific approach.

Our Objectives
  • To help in the total development of the student.
  • To help in the proper choice of courses.
  • To help in the proper choice of careers.
  • To help the students in vocational development.
  • To develop readiness for choices and changes to face need challenges.
  • To minimize the mismatching between education and employment.
  • To motivate the youth for self-employment.
  • To enhance the employability of the students.
  • To identify and motivate the students from weaker sections of society.
  • To help the students in their period of turmoil and confusion.
  • To identify and help students in need of special help.
  • To ensure the proper utilization of time spent outside the classrooms.
  • To impart value education.